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Abandoned Kisses

BUS TRIP AUGUST 27, 2013 010

We have changed; the romancing friendship morphing into an unrecognizable distance. We have changed; the close companionship of an unexpected unfolding, no longer part of our weekly walks. We have changed; something forgotten, now archived somewhere in our brains, as another passing short story. Now strangers, inexplicably fearfully waiving at a distance. It could have become a deeper story; worlds shared; laughter; aging gracefully in good company – a different love story born right from the heart.

We have changed; it seems the older we become, the more fleeting the moments and the people in our lives come to be. Can only hope my presence endures in some way; our time together, meaningful. One, two, three hours contemplating your picture; seeing a new season arrive with fresh rain; running umbrellas seeking refuge and echoes of announced absences. Somehow, the universe keeps running into you; through the clouds I can even see your smile. We have changed; there was no ‘goodbye’ – nothing left but an implicit retreat to emptiness. Your name still ringing in a constant vigil – absurdly waiting for your soul to find mine, once again. We have changed; immersed in our own routines, worlds that seldom cross path, sideways – notwithstanding, sentries. Five, six, seven; waiting.

Leo Campos Aldunez ©

Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Music: Antaeus, Kyre / 2010