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1. Down is Up – Up is Down. Through several wandering years, unconventional lifestyles and abided by the rule of law one can notwithstanding get the idea of uniformity, as if the his story, the perpetual literary narrative at the loner’s café required a special reintroduction, along with a gift certificate naturally. First person singular; pain populating his body, life going sideways afloat an old continental shell. Two days to disappear? Maybe a week? Travel to Barcelona as the last act of departure? Or return to the arms of an old lover still waiting in the imaginary mystery of a story that remains echoing through various narrators.

2. A dear friend brought a bottle of wine – just what was needed at that moment to uplift the spirt of an old wonder warrior. I want to see you on the public square once again brother, he said as we tasted the deep Chilean red – and we are not abandoning you either – stoicism yes; amicable? Always. I know it has been hard; but you will survive – is it worth it, I asked – what remains to be done? I couldn’t take another winter of deep sadness and loneliness. You need to write a different story, my friend said; heal, and get to the square with refreshed outlook – short stories; long stories, invisible stories. I look at my friend and see the intersection of a deep calling to serve, and the philanthropy of distant lands, and the soul of a woman in the distance that keep on giving.

3. Legally or illegally; remaining or exiting, he was now looking for temporary sanctuary and a shore of respite; an old man navigating a long literary goodbye. Show me the streets! The cafes, the movements of a renaissance, show me hope! – let me thank you all for your equanimity, and for showing up when it really mattered. I guess we can now return to some kind of test of passage and fall sleep with the pride of having been of service to our fellow human beings – heroes, heroines, silently; idyllically blending in, fading to black on a postcard of gratitude – infamously lonely, and faraway.

© Leo Campos Aldunez

Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Music: The Best of Carol King | Sony Music ©