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La Sorciere


Why do we abandon the people we love? The whole milieu became toxic; notwithstanding she had followed the guidelines to a fault; all of a sudden there was no escape route left. Had she been born in a different family with a more fitting last name perhaps things would have turned out differently? An overbearing bullying father; a runaway mother; and siblings perpetually involved in negotiations and legal entanglements. She remembered the last scams with fake passports; property investments in a barren desert boiling with nefarious skeletons. How did she get here?

Enter a web of elaborated distortions; marriage and divorced twice the wrongly convicted felon; washed away the family fortune in some sort perpetual bacchanals and think of outcomes that would give pause to anyone but her. It all started in Buenos Aires; a rendezvous of passion, desires and illicit lovers. She wanted commitment and longevity; he exuded self-improvement and shining credentials. What was not to believe? By the time she realized she had been had, it was simply too late – the scheme executed to perfection, her small fortune gone.

Upon returning to Canada, following an arduous legal battle, she settled in a small town on the Prairies; the idea was to re-group, find all significant pieces of herself still holding meaning and celebrate whatever charms she still had left. Time went on; recovery took roots. On a spring day in 2003, having returned her insides to place, she changed the channel.

Today, living in a cosmopolitan metropolis, and driving a taxi for a living, she is once again freely walking with dignity and decorum; family ties unchained; palliative care duties completed; grandparents buried. It was a matter of choosing wisely her new-found friends and companions. Indeed, her shaman told her once that it was all “small beginnings” – there was not really a formula to joy and contentment, but a long journey of departures and good-byes. This time, she was on her own though, or was she? Sabrina (not her real name) told her story at small, intimate gathering; few understood what she was talking about. Those who did, saw her inner beauty of courage and strength shining through.

© Leo Campos Aldunez

Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Music: Le Monde, Mahoroba

Album Wide Awake © 2011