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1. Grooves | At the beginning O’Malley dreamed of becoming a train conductor; his fascination with these machines was almost an obsession. His mother had taken him to a miniature train showroom and what the youthful O’Malley saw in that large space was – in his eyes – out of this world. Soon afterwards, he received his first model train, featuring a little town, a few hills, and wooden people – the days were filled with simple joys.

2. Planes | a day spent at the international Airport piqued his curiosity and the imagination; flying was a must, in any capacity. His first miniature plane arrived shortly thereafter. Of course, ships were something else altogether – a blessed weekend at a major sea port close to the capital city was, simply put, extraordinary – navigating the oceans found a place on his growing list to be, and naturally that Christmas he got his first miniature powered boat, whistles and all – captain O’Malley was to be at the helm, one fine day.

3. Oceans | The early years were memorable; friendly neighbourhoods, a comfortable life provided by his parents, decent schools, and the emerging curiosity of first “loves” – basically, clowning around in wooden horses, imagining lands to explore in a country so much defined by its geography. Weekends were often communal affairs – fish meals to share, breads to pass along, and good wine to celebrate new adventures.

4. Identity | By the time O’Malley was ten, he become aware of its internal class conflicts as well – what your last name was, in the existing order, who your friends were, town or regal scents – even, your “enemies” where labelled so; and, what sort of future you were to have, if any. Few wanted to talk about such matters least his parents – they preferred to foster the idea of an idyllic nation; you are too young to ask these questions son – O’Malley was told a number of times, don’t grow-up too quick …

5. Pathways | Years later, O’Malley soon found himself in the midst of a massive gathering, his first – it seemed rather inconsequential at the time, yet, it become indelibly imprinted in his soul. He remembered right to his expiry date the wondrous voices, chants and hand-made signs, the local chapters and passionate neighbourhoods.

6. Syllabus | On a fine spiritual Sunday, O’Malley remembered his mother’s teachings; after all, he was the source of his love for the arts, literature and the humanities. Mama, he whispered, what would you like to see in the world? Well, she replied, above all; let there be peace in the hearts and minds of men, wherever geography they may be on.

7. A Mother for All Seasons | Indeed mama; let us be better fathers, mothers, friends, brothers, sisters, daughters, lovers, companions, spouses, confidants, colleagues, neighbours, co-workers, politicians, civil servants, policymakers, community leaders, cultural workers, new internationalists, engaged citizens. Let us be better humans.

© Leo Campos Aldunez
Edmonton (AB) Canada

Track: Bloom | by © William Prince