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Feeling my age today; concerts on a Tuesday make for a painfully slow Wednesday; now I have a puking kid; something went wrong; Christmas Bureau is having a tough time; totally addicted to Dragon’s Den I can pitch an idea in my sleep; verbalize it, write it down, watch it blossom; Gosh, I am exhausted, is it Thursday already? I could not have achieved this milestone without you; remember to get some milk; seasonal mall music is already driving me insane! Touch gloves, neat idea; Tory majority is infuriating; Oops! Think I just went trough a red light; community economic development is good; Tory majority sucks! I need a plumber, suggestions? If you want tickets to the shit, you have until 4:00 p.m. to get them! Need a seat at the table, please?

Dubious political tactics tuning me off; luring opportunities now; are you measuring anything? How can help my struggling child with his home-work? It’s not panning out dam it! Tweeting and driving? Not a good idea, Oops! Yellow light this time; I don’t want burkas in my country! Kids are anxious, one more week; can’t sleep; Gosh, it’s going to be a long week; It’s a season of miracles, sure; does anyone know where the hell Boutros-Boutros Ghali is? Bravo Justin Trudeau! Your son is very talented WOW!

Need a recipe for Christmas cakes, have any? Kid is getting better, have to change my clothes though; a cup of tea would be nice; something is trending? I think I’ll stop following this jerk! Massive leak in my condo! At least the weather is nice; flurries coming through; collisions left & right; remember turkey drive; a cookie would be nice just about now; kid’s puking again; it’s a season to be jolly; running out of time on that freaking proposal! Oh my, help? …


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Edmonton, AB (Canada)