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In your eyes, smoke & mirrors; sleepless nights & a wondrous promise of better times to come. In your hands, gentleness; the surprising offerings of a lover waiting in-between for her time. In your voice, eagerness; the passion of a teacher living with convictions, relentlessly, dignified.

On your body, silluetes dancing in the shadows; suggesting moments beyond our daily dreams. In your walk, exquisite sensual cadence; the natural order of flesh & bones, an alchemist’ dance.

On your skin, the courage to remain; scars that remember war, fractures, suffering, loss and redemption. In your smell, embraced spices from exotic lands; deeply rooted scents of an unwritten love story. In your phrasing, playful notes singing; chanting, reasoning, speaking for a life worth living.

In your lips, deep colors; smiling, laughing, seducing, and waiting to be kissed. Touch me, hug me, you seem to be saying (…) Stay a little longer beloved one; let me cover us both under your divine halo, safe.


© Leo Campos Aldunez

Edmonton, AB (Canada)