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Perpetual Findings


It was as if a more peaceful clone of himself had used his skin to inhabit another planet, resisting optimistically the tempting viruses and hallucinogenic enticements. He was after all “a failed star,” in an exhausting orbit of the self, surrounded by estrange worlds, unnamed creatures emerging from black holes. Galaxies, normally unreachable; yet, visible through a narcissistic and seductive narcotic jolt.

Striking a lighter he grabbed the incense received from a long time gone lover; tonight he was ready to let it go up in smoke. Cells will die and regenerate; climaxes will come and go; computers will translate poorly the requirements of growing pains and the nursing home on the horizon.

Unveiling the latest toys had become a pastime; a fashion statement, eating time unremittingly, flashing words like “alone” – mirrors, excesses, another day staring at the ceiling; or singing loudly in the shower, his voice reverberating through the confined walls, whirlinly drained way. A neighbour pounding at the walls.

What would the ancestors say? Would they be rather optimistic about his condition? Regardless of a retched earth & macabre deliveries, would they continue to advise generosity, kindness, being witness in the long walk to nowhere? Or would they suggest a continuing deepening on matters of the soul, a perpetual romance in the clouds? Perhaps a family seeking retribution for the brutal acts committed?

Hard to say, or maybe it’s was too late to say anything; dusty black rain kept coming down, deep smoke from the burning of flesh & wooden shacks; we’re all drowning in it now; on that physically inhabitable space well beyond the Milky Way he could scream vociferously; nobody could hear, few would care. His remains were found weeks later by another passing galaxy, yet to be named; a Blogger wrote something about it “a primal silent & devoted lover took his ashes back to his homeland. No obituary was required. Slowly, as new cycle began, she awaits for the next heartbeat to breathe.”

© Leo Campos Aldunez

Edmonton, AB (Canada)


Album: Genetic World

Artist: Telepopmusik 2005 ©