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Sponsors have left; Jordan pilot murdered; men and women are grateful for Obamacare; you found the truth? What truth? – forget my gender, I am who I am; mental illness is not a choice, deal with it! – Argentinian president deep in troubles; are you a reputable business? – Plotting a secret defence; stop projecting your fears on us! – You are nothing but a shallow creature, nobody cares what you think! – Talk to me about vision man; give us something to work with! – The plane went down; they are all dead, you hear? Dead! – Geologists solve tectonic problem; people will die! – Learn to conquer your fears dammed! – Antivaxers are running amok; mumbo-jumbo coming through – Civilizations are clashing, again – Que senos mas deliciosos; quiero mas! – Life is like a camera? – How to build a brand in 3 easy steps; just $29.99 + tax – Cook for your man; impress him with your culinary talents – Are you trying to seduce me? Well; it is not working! – Never underestimate a person with a gun – Five steps to lose some serious weight; only $39.99 + tax – Raising resilient children priority number one – Greece is basically bankrupt; next!? – Sarkozy is back; amazing! – Your brain is shrinking? Shit! How come? – The ingredients on your organic tea? Basically mud and fecal excretion – Stop cheering me up! – Farmer admits to cruelty after pig’s eaten alive – Who’s in charge of the shit? – Stop pushing us around! – No to rape culture! – Inequality is not inevitable – Love is not about mating and fornicating; it is about creating a new revolutionary society – Target Canada has a BIG SALE! – Corporate Tax Reform? Over my dead body! – Having a baby while white and with a black police officer; never reported it, until now! – Marijuana can be helpful for some medical conditions; sounds good to me – US pledges weapons to Ukraine; here we go again! – Abundant living and plenty of fornicating; that’s the way! – Another refugee settlement is open in Uganda – Get a room already for Pete’s Sake! – 50 ways to age-proof your BRAIN; only $24.00 + tax – Cezanne masterpiece sold for $20.5 million – Harper must go!

– ISIS, nothing but a repugnant bunch of demented beings! –Knife attacker says he ‘hates the military and Jews too’ – Expect nothing from anybody; it is better to be surprised than disappointed – Scotland says NO to FRACKING – You are what you eat; and what you wear too – Are you dating anyone? – Strangest deaths revealed – We’re talking ORCA around here! – Being a perfectionist is not HELPFUL – Have a look at this catalogue of horrors – Mañana continuaran las nevadas, heladeras ,vientos fuertes y mas depresiones – Corporate taxes should be increased – Africa losing millions to tax dodging – Good Night and Good Luck.

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