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The Days of the Week

Monday just sits there, uncommitted and uncertain, staring at us, as if waiting for something meaningful to occur. Tuesday on the other hand offers the opportunity to regroup, arouse the creative spirit again; then on Wednesday we’re rolling, figuratively speaking – in the middle of something vital, like updating our FB status for instance or catching up with the latest vanity in-vogue; on Thursday “things” are actually happening, calls have been made & returned, junk mail deleted.

By Friday, plans are in motion; we see opportunities emerging; Saturday is play-time, the promise of something bigger or at least somewhat exciting, even original; Sunday we rest & ponder, get our hands dirty in our compost bin, do the laundry, overlooking the bills piling on the kitchen counter, or better yet, go for a walk to contemplate the simple things in life.

Then, Monday returns; the waiting begins, we check our in-boxes, we wait for an eluding love story that is still to be written, chat with an old friend whose voice is always comforting; play solitaire. Deeply inside, you well know it’s just another day; sounds, sights, laughter, tears, smiles, absences, distances, and regrets.

Keep breathing.


© Leo Campos Aldunez

Edmonton, AB (Canada)