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Burkina Faso

The Blind 007

1. Something within was demanding a definition; a rebirth of sorts. Energy lacking though; she said a makeover may be in order, using less, consuming less, procreating less. How about a new haircut, I replied. That won’t do, she added, it’s deeper than “the look” or the new fashion statement of the season – it starts with the soul … WOW! I thought to myself, she’s good, her intuition right on the mark – he can see through me as if I was nothing but a cellophane wrapped produce. You want me to go a little further, yes? Invest some serious attention on my ongoing procrastinating condition. Yes! She accentuated her comment, I want you to go beyond your existing holographic projection; clear out what blurs your vision.

2. The world has changed so much in the past 10 years, at times I have difficulties to make sense of it all – don’t get me wrong, I remain “function-able” yet, it feels as if I am being swallowed by a current I can no longer swim on. In my working room, water drops; papers, magazine and credit card offers covering the floor – tempting me to places where the sun seems to shine, permanently. I don’t speak the language, I mused; and ambiguity may not be useful there … First World? Second World? Third World? It doesn’t matter she remarked, what you must do is ask the right question, see for yourself whether there’s anything radical still on your soul, what’s worth doing.

3. She could be so lucid at times; eminently overbearing with clarity; and clarity is exactly what was needed at that moment, no nefarious justifications for doing nothing, nothing at all. You’re right, I have been way too consumed with menial expectations; a bid for “fortune and glory” … I know you haven’t, she voiced in a comforting tone – you are who you are, nothing you can do about your essence, but, you must reconnect with it. Let me be honest here; your sense of purpose is becoming muddy, and your thinking clouded …

4. She was right in all accounts. Entrapped by complexities beyond my control, or disastrous doings, I had parked my brain at the door for too long, just going along with “what-ever” was coming my way, praying that “abundance” and “prosperity for all” was to become tangible, not just the usual electoral slogan. Too many squabbles within the clans; too many subtitles and way too may chieftains trying to position themselves as the “true” spoke-people for “the cause” in a land bastion of national conservatism.

5. You’re right beloved amiga; within the confines of my immediacy I have allowed myself to become trapped by a veil of hypocrisy; watching with astonishing amusement the pomposity of the opulent; while attempting to resuscitate a moribund body-politics. But, how could I not be seduced by its daily offerings? And, could the outcome have been any different? I wonder …

6. Never mind the outer world she said; your true self/calling as you re-engage with the spirit world, you’ll find within – think of it as new cleansing journey, removing one by one what’s weighing you down. Travel far within and without; listen carefully to your own guiding voices, trust your instincts as you once did – may I suggest Burkina Faso as a place to start? Sounds good a place to me as any, I responded somewhat enthusiastically. Would you come along with me? … We may have a joyful sojourn, or be unhappy, together. She winked, gave me a mischievous and seductive smile; we started laughing!

© Leo Campos Aldunez
Edmonton, AB (Canada)