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A Melodious Name.

You have a melodious name. A name I carry in my mind, and body, for what seems to be centuries. Your name is imprinted so deeply on my skin like an un-removable tattoo, indelibly romantic.

And there I am, anchored at the bay of remembrances, longing your absence – patiently waiting. And there you are, like a silent Anaconda; robust, calm, satisfied. Waiting for the opportune time to devour me.

Looking at your recent picture, your name becomes a shining, translucent mirror. It effortlessly opens a window to my soul. I have been so long carrying the weight of everything I ever wanted to say because of your melodious name.

For example; trees that cover me, herbs & grass that feed and cure me; adventurous territories, flavours & unsuspected aromas, a refreshing geography like the waters of ancient rivers. And your hands, o’ your hands, the hands of the most wise, gorgeous and generous alchemist in our barrio.

Your name is the essential sweetest honey on the highest beehives, sunny & constant, on the Amazon canopies. Your name is also the original sin looking for redemption; wandering incessantly by the hills bordering your home.

Your name hurts, makes me shiver, scares me. It fills me with anxieties, gives me joy, embraces me, it suggests mangos, guavas, papayas, melons.

How wondrous! Your name surprises me at the corner of a new life and mysteriously, like a promise of a long gone adolescent love, your melodious name once more – touches me; deeply.


© Leo Campos Aldunez

Edmonton, AB (Canada)

The Fool & The Almighty.

She came from out of the sky – Like a lightning bolt from Zeus!
Asking for attention – a presence felt despite the distance traveled.
She said, “Aphrodite sent me and you must surrender”
He asked, “Who’s Aphrodite? Why would she send you to me?
”Because,” she said, “you have been chosen”

”Chosen? For what?” He queried.
”Well, to hold and be held, to reveal the love inspired by your deeds.”

”But,” he hesitantly replied, “I have done nothing to deserve such honour. If anything I have led an ordinary life – love, family, children and a garden to pass the time in company of good friends.”

”Precisely!” she said. “That’s all that is required to qualify in the eyes of Aphrodite; a simple life. She also thought you know well the paths of the Beloved One and have journeyed through it with some distinction, is it not so?”

”Yes, but, what about the lies & deceptions along the way? The silly mind games we all play because of fears, sorrows or just plain stupidity? I mean, sometimes we even believe them ourselves!”

”I see your point,” said the “angel of goodness.”Yet all that can be forgiven, in part because your deeds were so small they could barely be seen and in part because the bad lies you told were also a mirror to Aphrodite’s and she, well, she empathizes. So, no worries”

”Then, are you saying that paradise can be mine? That my errors in judgment, my lack of authenticity and having led a duplicitous life all count for nothing?”

”Absolutely!” she replied. “Your merits are based on a point system, so to speak, and overall the scales of divine justice favour you, so, no more questions and prepare to be lifted!”

”But, where are you taking me Oh ‘angel of divine’ revelations?”

”To Neverland,” she said. “It’s an imaginary place for ordinary people, who have led ordinary lives, and have done ordinary things, and have been fool enough to believe, much like you have, and who will soon be forgotten.”

”There,” she continued, “you will rest at peace with yourself, with the past, with all the creatures that at one point or another have bothered you, but most importantly, they will no longer matter. Worried?”

”Yes, I am. I don’t want to be erased just like that! Is there anything I can leave behind just so that others remember I was once here?”

“Yes,” she replied. Your shadows …


© Leo Campos Aldunez

Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Otras Aguas

Mirando las esquinas de tus ojos ensombrecidos, te dibujo como si fueras una gran pupila que mira y mira. Incesantemente todo lo escudrinas, todo lo planteas, todo lo reposas. Todo lo agitas. De madrugada, veo un carnaval de esqueletos silenciosos que nos acompanan; amortajados inusuales, inexplicables figuras fantasmales, cada una portando un listado de cuentas a saldar.

Tus lagrimas caen en un torbellino de espasmos que laceran. Son un remolino de emociones interminables que rebota en mi piel, sin tregua. Una historia constante, una pasion inextinguible, un aire fresco de otono que me acompana; no importa la estacion, ni los anos; eres el eco de un desenlace pendiente.

Donde estan tus manos gentiles que todo curan y todo sanan? Te siento cerca, pronuncio tu nombre; los eslabones del recuerdo me ensordecen. Las aguas de tus grandes ojos inundan las almas fracturadas y como si fueses de otra galaxia, los espiritus se reconfortan, se animan, celebran.

Por las noches te apareces; me seduces, me acaricias y luego partes – dejandome piedras deformadas como compania, amores inconclusos, virutas y vinos agrios, colillas de aires enrarecidos; me dejas, viviendo otras vidas.

Mirando las esquinas de tus ojos ensombrecidos, te dibujo como si fueras una gran pupila que mira y mira. Donde estas amada mia? En que jardin me buscas? Sin cesar, todo lo escudrinas, todo lo planteas, todo lo reposas; todo lo agitas. Un carnaval de esqueletos murmurantes te acompanan; amortajada inusual, voodoo de tonos inexplicables. En tus manos? Pergaminos. Penitente, estas alli; esperandome en alguna esquina.


© Leo Campos Aldunez
Edmonton, AB / Canada