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FEBRUARY 24, 2018 | Had the universe asked me about how my life would unfold since my last birthday a year ago I wouldn’t have known how to answer – the moment was dark in several levels – yet, please to report that a year has gone by and my body, mind and soul is doing much better – resilience, the survival instinct, and some very special people in my life/community (personal & professional) have much to do with it. Now, at 63 I find myself in wondrous reawakening with a deep sense of gratitude. The bonus of the story; I also met someone special last summer – Carmencita – shortly after I was released from the Grey Nuns Hospital following a serious vascular operation – the gratitude to the universe and the angels that surround us is even profounder – a series of insightful gatherings and playful interludes followed, while the alchemy of love unfolded. In any case, my heartfelt appreciation to my new love, and all the friends who came to visit me during my recovery in the past few months – you know who you are – thank you for being my friend and for being there after all these years. Poetry & Alma writing will resume, soon. Hugs and to life! | Smiling face with halo LCA

Album: Sweet Summer Days | Windham Hill Jazz

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