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Call me, you said. I will, I replied. Take me away from this incessant noise, you asked. I will, I promised. Sing to me softly at midnight, a lullaby of hope, something to look forward, you requested. I certainly will honour your wishes, I echoed. Be real once in a while, unplugged, grounded in the here and now, you demanded. I cannot refuse such an order, I said.

Flesh and bones we are made off; forget social networks for a moment, embrace me gently, softly, and tell me a story, I heard you saying. Of course, I shall, I replied. Look, the rain’s gone; it’s a clear sky; I can see the mountains, the forest, a winding river that nurture us all; take me there! Naturally beloved one, consider it done, I murmured.

I have been waiting for you for too long; please, don’t disappear in the business of our routines, you pleaded. I heard you, I shall be visible, you can count on it, I said joyfully. Let this time be our season, hold my hand, shall we dance? You inquired. I’ll be waiting for you at the edge of the midnight love; dance? We certainly will, playfully, enamoured with the living, I added. Let me hear your voice again, in any language. Call me, soon …


© Leo Campos Aldunez

Edmonton, AB (Canada)

People I Would Welcome at My Funeral.

The ones that were often considered a “loss cause” … The unpublished poet that never got a break and Those who never surrendered to the “invisible hand” …The ones that “got way” because they knew better … You who took a moment to greet me respectfully and Those who came to my rescue when the going got rough … 

The lover who no matter how far or close she was, her presence was always felt … The passionate muse that enchanted my aging with grace, playfully + The ones who claimed the highest mountains, and lived to tell the storyYou, who no matter how challenging my peculiarities stood by me, unrepentant; certainly My former life-partners; for theirs is the path to freedom & enlightenment and The ones who knew exactly what to say, how to say it and what was needed to comfort me

Of course, the ones who didn’t say much, yet, silently embraced me … The ones that always supported my efforts & trusted my intentions and All the mothers of the disappeared with their dancing companions … The constant “unwashed” who knew well the right side of history … The spirited accordion player; her frolicking ways to ecstasies and The horizontal explorer who enjoyed his/her sexuality without fear

The muse who said yes! – then inspired me to become visible … The watchmakers who kept me moving forward in spite of sorrows, and misgivings and The ghost of the Grateful Dead & a fiddle on the roof of the chapelThe ones who were willing to forgive my trespassing & accept my follies … My beloved children from whom I learned to become a better man and The joyful ones who amidst their own suffering called when it was needed

The engaged ones; who looked power in its eyes and courageously challenged its abuses … The artists & artisans who toiled their wares smilingly remaining truthful to their callings and The ones who knew when to lay their weapons on the ground & allowed virtue to speak … 

My sister; the wounded child who grew up to become the light … The ones who in the land of plenty knew how to share and My Icarus friends who kept the flames of hope alive … 

I would especially welcome the ones who understood what to serve; protect & cause no harm means. If you are standing by my ashes, please accept my gratitude. I’ll be waiting to receive you with honour, when your time comes.

PS. In Memory of our beloved Latin American poet, singer-songwriter and humanitarian Facundo Cabral (1937-2011) assassinated by vile sicarios on Saturday July 09, 2011 in Guatemala City. May his soul rest in peace and the culprits brought to justice.


© Leo Campos Aldunez

Edmonton, AB (Canada)