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1. It was a strange visit, summoning the voices of the past for a gathering of the perpetually vain. Was there a particular communion among its participants? A superior order deeply embedded in our own subconscious minds leading us towards a new holiness of all things? Doubtfully. For Jerry O’Connor, it was just another photo opportunity to announce what was already there, a bit more self-gratifying, and a few extra claims about how “we have taken the place to new highs” – new and old club members clapping, and naturally, the selfies that came along with it. It was all going to be on the front pages tomorrow; some going straight to influential positions, others right to hell, or some compassionate limbo until the next call for a revival of their political souls. At that juncture, however, O’Connor saw no reason to change, but to retain some self-respect and make plans for his winter holidays in Bora-Bora.

2. Mary received the text inquiring about special deals to sunny destinations; in the old days it would have been a regular voice call or a fax, now, everything was fast & furious through the digital landscape – efficiency was essential; not mystical actions from the “guardians of tradition” – she replied there were same sales for Bora Bora, was he interested? Yes; O’Connor said back; terms and conditions? Please see for details, and select the package most suitable for your needs, thank you.

3. Taking a vacation was something recommended by one of his most trusted advisors; McCoy, the fellow who had maintained law and order within the ranks – had one motto and one motto only – while reclaiming our natural territory, keep repeating the following; they brought havoc to our economy, nothing but pain and we are the cure, a confident team ready to serve … Ah; what would we be do without McCoy, redefining our constituencies with a large and multivolume new flag of renewal – would the masses buy it? Indeed; a holiday in Bora Bora was a refreshing breather …

4. Meanwhile, in the midst of a serious economic collapse, the general conversation gravitated towards entertaining general elections somewhere else, mostly in the US where militants of various kinds, guided by populist doctrinaires and “homegrown-demagogues” where having a field day telling working people everything is “rigged” and the “elites are weak and deeply corrupt” – their most outspoken fellow? Enter Malarkey man, a strange entity with no history or experience in public service, but apparently rapacious sexual appetites. This “model citizen” had managed to tap into some people’s fears however misguided, and with ferocity along the lines of “the public square is full of undesirables; we are no longer the shining city on the hill” – the punch line being; but do not worry kids, I am the one to fix this debacle and bring our country back to its former glories. We shall be great; again.

5. Back on our country, federal and a few provincial elections in the bag, we faced new paradoxes – wanted to be authentic to the values and callings of progressive world-views; managing a tanking economy and its painful human costs, with no end in sight, although, some modest signs of recovery had begun to show. On my bulletin board, I see the picture of little Aylan Kurdi reminding me the shores of a forsaken land; and how much remains to be done to reclaim our humanity. New arrivals on our borders now; doors opening and kitchen tables are enlarged to receive them with generosity.

6. While the wildfires were burning, solidarity heard the calling – kindness emerged from unexpected places; a friend on a parallel journey, at times a ghost from another era reappeared and his company become somewhat comforting, reassuring, as it were. Then I heard some other voices I have been missing for a while – we’re here too, they whispered. Embraces ensued, a gentle touch; the company of good men manifested; live another day brother, let the fog disappear. –

© Leo Campos Aldunez

Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Track: Sailor, Sailor | © Aqua Tarta Music

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