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Corridors of pain; bloody hands of repression; sandy oligarchies, swallowing the national treasure. Some laughing in their final days in power before fleeing to new welcoming pastures.

As they travelled in their shiny armours, flaunting their wealth & privilege, did they ever mutter a word of care for millions of their destitute citizens struggling day in, day out to carry on a meager existence? If they did, did anyone hear it? Now they do – and fear runs through their veins.

There’s only so much people can put up with in the name of the gods; only so much misery people can allow in the name of the “national order”; only so much pillage & corruption that people can tolerate in order to retain a glimpse of their long submerged dignity – until now when their tolerance has reached an end.

We watch the news in a wondrous trance and see the rising of a people who have said “Enough!” We see the old corrupted servants of the gods of gold & privilege sprint to the nearest exit. People are enraged, no longer silent; their voices rise as one, clamouring for what is long overdue – the right to be human.

Time after time, through the ages of our own struggles we have learned that freedom is worth fighting for. Young people, who have known nothing but deprivation, can sense a new dawn of justice is just around the old dunes & sand castles. Freedom shall be theirs. Let it be written, let it be done.


© Leo Campos Aldunez

Edmonton, AB (Canada)

The BIG Lomeski

There he was, ready for a date – she had invited him to dinner at her place and had said “please bring some white wine”something was developing, Lomes thought as he frantically looked for his dating clothes & the last case of Viagra. The “promised land” is near, or so it seemed.

It has been barren land for some time now, Lomes had confided; you heard me, he added, getting laid had become some ridiculous odyssey; convoluted logistical arrangements, some serious planning & analysis and the obligatory cross-cultural consultation with close friends as to “am I reading these clues correctly?”“Are we talking horizontal endeavours here, or a picnic in the park?” …

Lomes, a divorced & single 45 year old male had been feeling increasingly frustrated over his dating journeys, to put it mildly. But, Lomes, I inquired, as any good friend would – am I to believe that nothing has occurred since your divorce so long ago?

No, replied Lomes – things have happened, but nothing of great significance; a short series of interludes, nice variety; even a 25 year old nymphet to die for! In any case, he continued, imagine the possibilities of this particular date my friend. Picture this; a gorgeous woman, 40ish, who had defined herself as “redneck, narcissistic, and from the Land of Christendom” – the alluring of it was simply too much too resist amigo! Honestly, the anticipation of such a skin-to-skin rendezvous just was killing me!

I mean, any numerals would do – I was prepared … Oh yes! Kamasutra, here I come! I even got the last issue of Men’s Health Magazine, always full of advise as to what get women thinking … sorry, “ticking” …

So? I said, eager to hear the rest of the story … Well, Lomes continued, it turns out that my “date” … has a boyfriend, he is upset with her because of the “tone” of our email exchanges, and frankly, who knows what else? So she cancelled our dinner date!

I am telling you, I should have known better … Normally I would have detected the “in-between-the-lines” — in this case, something like “careful here, I am not quite as stable as you think I am, caution is advised” … I was blinded my friend … Mind you, she was collegial and even had the nerve to suggest a “coffee debriefing get together” – naturally sometime after her boyfriend calms down or she gets some serious counseling. I swear I am not making this up! Look, here’s the full text of her last e-mail (for the record).

“Dear Lomes, unfortunately I have to cancel Monday’s supper. My boyfriend is a screenwriter and I asked him if he knew anything about poetry. He’s kind of upset at the moment. We’ll have to reschedule when he calms down a bit. I’m sorry. Maybe we can meet for coffee sometime instead. I’ll talk to you later. PS. Please excuse this silliness.”

A model citizen you said? More like a multiple personality disorder perhaps. So, tail between my legs, I ended up returning my last box of Viagra to a safe place, put the wine anyway and spent Monday evening at the swimming pool!

My friend, I ventured, perhaps there is a lesson here? There’s nothing here amigo, replied Lomes; you know, I should probably reinforce my front doors at home — I have this spooky image of some sort of nutcase stalking me with a chainsaw in the back alley! I wonder, should I report this nagging fear to crime stoppers?

As we finished our drinks I offered some consoling words; Lomes, I said with the gravitas of the moment, this is all just a big misunderstanding, perhaps the moon cycles, an eclipse of the mind, or just winter is driving you insane; check your Men’s Health magazine again, you probably missed something. For now, let’s watch The Nature Channel – that may be helpful.


© Leo Campos Aldunez

Edmonton, AB (Canada)