“All that is important is this one moment in movement.
Make the moment important, vital, and worth living.
Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.” – Martha Graham

· Cannot for the grace of God find yet the deeper significance of this sojourn of physical distancing and zooming into our private spaces, our homes, well beyond what was acceptable before the tremors of our working realities. You don’t know whether you are coming or going – for some, we are in perpetual motion – for others, it’s simply a matter of waiting until our number is called. What to do in between chambers of reason and seasons? Something or someone is trying to divide us even further, a friend told me.

· Maybe – but what could be the grandiose purpose for doing it? Inherit an incrementally damaged earth? Use us all as some magma to fuel the next spaceship odyssey out of here? I keep looking for the teachings of this moment, at times I feel numb, other times I can’t hear a thing. This morning lost track of time and space – become disoriented, are we going south, east, north? The Australian economy is going through a very tough time, the radio news reports; what about the Canadian economy?

· Just about then I felt overwhelmed with a deep sense of gratitude for how my country has dealt with COVID-19 and its reverberating ripples – sure, there are no saviours here, our leaders … humans striving to do better. Yet I felt a sense of privilege, a keen awareness that in-spite of it all, loss of income, clients and a very uncertain future, my country has not abandoned me or my fellow citizens in these severe times. There is not necessarily a particular self-righteousness, but can’t help think maybe divine intervention in between chambers and seasons have occurred; I pray the learnings, comes fall or winter, will be self-evident.

· Meanwhile, a pop singer has lost 98 pounds and some say she’s unrecognizable – good grief, does anyone cares besides her family and close friends? I am now looking at pictures of earth taking from the space station – remarkable clear. It’s a mystery earth hasn’t been this clean and transparent in decades. In due time and seasonal turns, all will be revealed – maybe the whole thing was a massive wake-up call to humanity? A shock to force us reassess our priorities, change our self-destructive path, and build a new, and better “normal”. For now, it’s back to hoping for the best possible outcomes, another zoom meeting, shifting through fake news, fake reviews and plasticity and truly hoping 2021 give us all a respite – I am like you, waiting for the next cloud to lift. –

© Leo Campos A.

Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Music: Recuerdos de la Alhambra © F. Tárrega

Performed by Isabel Martínez |

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