1. This morning I got up hoping that winter was gradually disappearing and that the insinuating rays of spring sunshine and warmth seeing a few days back would sweep the land with resolve and intensity. I need something blossoming and spreading about just about now. Instead, I got another environment Canada weather warming text telling me that will have to wait a little longer. How about the road conditions? Listening to the radio updates – not looking good. Stuck between seasonal sales flyers, icy sidewalks, and treacherous roads, cars practically buried under white stuff and almost impassable back lanes, one could wonder, even if you were born here, where is the fun in all of this?

2. My brave companion has a different demeanour vis-à-vis wintertime in this latitude; she manages to smile to it, notwithstanding its challenges. I admire that quality and levity – I wish I could do the same and not feel crawling back to bed in a hurry. Two very distinctive personalities and world-views at times not quite on the same page – nothing inherently wrong about that – this is the territory of learning about each other, self-discovery, disclosure about phobias & fears; to some degree, of willful innocence.

3. Once you reach 65 you start a serious journey of re-examining what is worth doing, with whom, is it doable, how to make it happen. Long ago, in another century, literally speaking I had a few dreams & aspirations; one was of opening a café venue featuring a strong Zen of literature, music, poetry + arts|crafts. The dream persists, in different forms, and now I actually have a strong companion to share such a vision. Maybe, just maybe, we will make it happen before my 70th birthday. I know we will invite our dearest of friends to the big opening – enduring relationships, their presence and blessings would be as usual, essential.

4. Musings like this help me to navigate the so called “winter blues” – simple voicing and sharing, being convivial one could say, less fearful for what comes, spring just around the corner, letting go and embracing a new luminosity. Then having a hot chocolate and cookies with some friends at Tim Hortons could also be most uplifting – let’s see who should I call? You know; maybe this is the moment in which my loving companion simply holds me, holds me tight, quietly, a soulmate’s embrace.

© Leo Campos A.

Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Soundtrack: Indie|Pop|Folk Compilation, Feb. 2020

© Alex Rain Bird Music | https://youtu.be/aDosplFbugM

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