What is the weather like this morning love? Let me see – cloudy and flurries – sun goes down very early, darkness unfolds – sometimes all is embraced by an amazing glowing moon. Let’s me get the coffee ready, yes, not to heavy, a bit of carnation milk and your roasted toast with honey coming right up. I kiss your forehead and bow to your presence with deep gratitude – asking the universe and its infinite manifestations to find a way of guidance and protection wherever you go. Your dreams about sands, cats and dogs and other humans can be unique for sure, what word would you choose?

Remember watering the plants at nigh – you are free my love, I made no claim on your life, know that what I feel for you is plenty, and yes, I cannot conceive life without you by my side. Cats and dogs you said? Yes, we shall have a little house, with a lovely garden, and a patio for our furry friends, we shall growth some of our own food, and have fresh eggs every morning. I do not want to be alone without you; least in the middle of a cold winter or alone driving downhill to the market. We can accomplish much, other men and women have done so, yes? Some of our dearest friends are shining guiding lights to the Promised Land.

Every morning I look at you while you sleep and I give thanks quietly for the blessings that come. Our way of rituals beating in our hearts – and we say “gracias” to the good friends we see regularly, (some) more than once a year, our guiding spirits, ancestors, brother sun, sister moon.

You are right; we are planting something beloved one, the roots tender still, a bit fragile, watering and fresh soil always necessary, well, essential – windows with sunlight. Look! The mandarin tree keeps growing; I surrender before you every morning, and yes, sometimes a tear of grace & honour falls onto your skin and mine. Living spirits awake. It’s very early still, I see some fog outside – would you like some more coffee sweetheart? …

Leo Campos Aldunez ©

Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Dedicated to: Carmen Gonzalez Miranda

Music: Incantation # 2 by William Lovelady


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