· It was around articles of clothing – some iconic, that all begun. Sweaters crammed with scarfs, intricate patterns; patterns of simplicity, combined bodies of many stories, familiar blends and interlocking seasons. Transformation.

· Advantage winter; colors suggesting new starts, natural wools, sharp tones – long and winding stories of fairies, spirits and the occasional angels, clean, surfacing mystical trees and the nearby sacred grounds of the death. Winter can be painfully cold, or surprisingly mild, and when that is the case, life seems to feel lighter, friendlier. Illumination.

· Some of our favorite places have become antique shops – in fact, we live not too far from a few, and when the weather is gentle, the sky clear and sunny, they become one of our weekly walks of discovery. Fascinating journeys to treasures of lore, curiosities & memory lanes, anywhere between yesterday and 100 years plus. Manifesting.

· She is familiar to me now; her shawls, gloves, warm hands, reassuring me the air is fresh, breathable; our heritages as transparent as new. Lighting up my world from season to season, her presence inspires me to be a gentler man.

· I am trying hard not to disappoint her or our ancestors. They keep a close eye on us, I know. I pray our treasure hunts and journey of discovery continue; for, there are many “antiques” shops around – that’s where the accommodating invisible worlds awaits – and, honestly; we are just beginning.

© Leo Campos Aldunez

Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Music: Mama Africa Mixer ©



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