TODAY > Here & Now | By Robin Sharma

TODAY > HERE & NOW | Today is a gift. The past is an illusion and the future is unknown. And so, I am leveraging this day to express my talents, elevate my genius and serve the world. When I feel afraid, I continue. When I am criticized, I persist. When I face a wall, I overcome. When I am tired, I rest. I now understand, that all great pursuits demand unusual focus, deep devotion and uncommon hope. If world-class was easy, everyone would be doing it. And so I commit to the process. Knowing that each day is my life in miniature. And as I craft each day, so I construct my life.

Today this day, I am kind.

Today, this day, I radiate optimism.

Today, this day, I go the extra mile.

Today, this day, I do work that wows.

Today, this day, I celebrate my loved ones.

Trivial pursuits never dilute my attention. Energy vampires never steal my time.

And old disappointments never dim my fire. I am a lion, not a sheep. A leader, not a follower. A victor, not a victim.

This day is all I have.

I’ll elevate my Mind-set.

I’ll calibrate my Heart-set.

I’ll iterate my Health-set.

And I’ll recreate my Soul-set.

So that I model possibility > today.

So that I exemplify audacity > today.

And so that I’ll walk with dignity > today.

This is my day. Now is my time. > today

By Robin Sharma ©


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